Is your back pain following you around like a dark cloud?

Is your back pain following you around like a dark cloud?

Ok I'm going to state the obvious here. Back pain sucks!

No one in their right mind enjoys having back pain. Especially as back pain in it's many forms can contribute to a great deal of stress physically, emotionally and financially. According to the research, back pain disrupts individuals' quality of life and accounts for an enormous cost to the community (Med J Aust 2009; 190 (9): 499-502.).

When problems persist and they become chronic and long-term, people have often described to me that it's like having a dark cloud constantly following them. As we all know the ominous feeling that's aroused when we see dark clouds in the horizon. We're cautious, we know that terrible weather is upon us soon and it can come at anytime. It's the same with back pain, we become cautious so as to not do anything to stir it up in case. But we know that it can rear it's ugly head and strike at anytime. At home playing with kids, at work whilst trying to meet a tight deadline or on the sports field at a crucial moment. We become it's victim.

The mere fact that the research shows that back pain has a direct toll on us emotionally and our overall quality of life, is reason for us to relate it to our health and wellbeing. What is often overlooked is the domino effect that back pain has on us as individuals. Here are some scenarios that I see everyday in practice to illustrate this domino effect, plus some educational animations I developed for the Chiropractors Association of Australia. The names have been changed obviously ;) :

Doris and her back pain

Doris loves to exercise, whether it be yoga, body-balance classes or just working out at the gym. It's her form of stress relief from her busy life as a mother of 2, a wife and a corporate HR Manager. She suffers from chronic back pain that regularly stops her from being able to attend her exercise classes. It's not just the physical aspect of the back pain, but it makes her grumpy that she can't go to the gym. Which makes her more irritable at home with the kids and hubby because of the stress. At work, her pain effects her productivity and she can't sit at her desk without being uncomfortable and in pain. Doris's problem is following her like a dark cloud!

James and his headaches

James has just been given the opportunity to work on a big client project that if successful will set him up for a promotion. However, James suffers regularly from headaches and when stressed they can often develop into debilitating migraines. The project deadline is looming and James feels desperate as he wants to do a great job. The stress of his work and the pain of the headaches is overwhelming, this promotion will help set up James financially. James's problem is following him like a dark cloud!

Trevor and his neck pain 

Trevor is a husband, a father and teacher. When he's on school holidays, his wife still has to work. So Trevor likes to keep up with the daily jobs around the house. As we all know, the list of things that need cleaning, repairing and maintaining around the home is endless and school holidays is a perfect time to get right into the list of jobs. However, Trevor has neck pain that's hampering not only the completion of the list but it's also frustrating him as he can't enjoy the fun activities he's planned for his children. Trevor's problem is following him like a dark cloud!

Maybe you see yourself in one of these scenarios or something similar. Either way, you can understand how different types of back pain can extend their effects from beyond just "where it's hurting" to cause you stress in many other parts of your life. Whether it be physical, emotional, financial or all of the above. The dark cloud of back pain can really disrupt your overall quality of life.

Chiropractic care is one type of health care that is very effective in helping people who suffer from back pain. We understand the toll it may have on the other aspects of people's lives. Rest assured that Chiropractic is a natural solution to these health problems, a solution that doesn't require you to be dependant on constant pain relief medication. Maybe look at trying Chiropractic. You don't have to have bad weather follow you everywhere. 

Dr Billy Chow is a Chiropractor and owner of Vitality and Wellbeing Chiropractic. He also serves on the board of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (National). To be totally transparent, Dr Billy Chow is not immune to dark clouds as he has some follow him on occasions.