How are we different and what do we focus on?

 It's important to focus on not just providing relief, but getting to the cause of peoples presenting concerns and problems.

It's important to focus on not just providing relief, but getting to the cause of peoples presenting concerns and problems.

We may be only looking at one aspect of a health problem if we just focus on the elimination of pain and symptoms. At North East Family Chiropractic our focus is not only to consider "where it hurts?" and/or "how you're feeling?". But we are also concerned about finding the source or cause of your health conditions and correcting it, to allow your body to function and feel well. Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession which focusses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Our approach does not use drugs or surgery to address your spinal health issues.

Because the source or the underlying cause/s of your health condition may be varied. It's important for us to find out why you're feeling or functioning the way you are, so we can make an evidence informed decision to assist you the best way possible. Not all your problems you've chosen to come see us for are going to be directly related to the spine and/or nervous system. If in our assessment of you we find that we may to co-manage you with other health practitioners so you can get the best overall health outcomes (e.g. podiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, orthopaedic specialists, remedial massage etc.).

It's Your Body, It's Your Health and It's Always Your Choice.

In many ways the human body is like a car. They both contain many mechanical parts that need to all work in synchronicity with each other. Certain parts have different and specific functions, like the brain, nervous system, heart and lungs. Similarly a car has the alternator, radiator, fuel injectors and gearbox. These special parts/organs need to function optimally in order for the car/human body to perform optimally.

Here's the thing. If you purchase a brand-spanking-new car and drove it out of the showroom and over the course of the next 10 years (or 100,000kms) you NEVER serviced it. The truth is the car will eventually breakdown. Parts will break, there will be mechanical wear-and-tear and the engine will be out of tune. This can also be said about the human body. Many of us go about our lives, experiencing many and multiple physical, chemical and emotional stresses (falls, sporting injuries, sitting at the desk too long, not moving enough, accidents, bad nutrition etc. etc.).

It's often just Human Nature that we let things go. That niggling lower back pain, those persistent headaches, you begin to get stiffness in between your shoulder blades. And before you know it, these things that once bothered you in the short-term, just become part of our "Norm" and we begin to say this to ourselves "Oh, I'm just getting my NORMAL headaches because I'm stressed!" If we don't look after our bodies and make sure we check-up on our health, like a car we risk the possibility that certain parts of our body will also eventually breakdown. A check-up does not necessarily mean you need treatment or care. We are advised of check-ups to assists our health and prevent possible problems i.e. teeth checks, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, eye checks etc.


At North East Family Chiropractic we understand that everyone is different and everyone has different values and reasons as to why and what they choose to do when it comes to their health. 


Whether it's due to an accident, a sporting injury, a repetitive stress on the body or you've just waited too long to have your body serviced and now things are breaking down and not working. We will aim to get you feeling better, functioning better and back to what you were doing before. Obviously, everyone has different needs and different clinical health presentations.  But our main goal here is to find the cause of your problems, correct them and get you back on your feet as soon as clinically possible.


Once we've gotten you back on the road and out of trouble. It's important for you to take some responsibility in how you function and feel. You can do this by actively participating in continuing to be active, to build spinal strength, stability and mobility, assist in injury prevention and to improve your overall quality of life by implementing sound evidence based strategies. We can help you along your journey. But, it's up to you!