A coffee a day may also keep the doctor away!

Some experts are saying that having a cup of coffee in the morning may give you more than just a wake up energy boost.

Now, I must be totally up front and transparent here. I am a little biased when it comes to coffee because I'm a huge lover of the coffee bean and it's various forms when roasted and extracted into that beautiful aromatic and flavoursome elixir! So finding out that my coffee addiction has some health benefit has just made my day. 


According to some studies done, the potential health benefits associated with drinking coffee include: protection from Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Liver Disease, Liver Cancer and also promoting better heart health. Coffee beans are also jam packed with antioxidants, which we all need more of with our hectic and stressful lives.

However, we also need to be mindful that too much coffee can be a health hazard. I'm not trying to be negligent here, but try telling these to coffee aficionados and lovers. It's important to note that excessive amounts of coffee (because it contains caffeine) is related to anxiety symptoms, mood swings and depression. It's also been linked to reduction in female fertility. 

So, enjoy your latte, cappuccino, piccolo or espresso today with the knowledge that you may in fact be doing your health some good. Does that mean that Barista's are the modern day pharmacist? There's coffee for thought.

Cheers, Dr Billy Chow (Chiropractor and Self Proclaimed Coffee Lover)