Mimi Cox - Massage Therapist

"Helping the body to heal itself"

With over 20 years experience in the health industry Mimi brings a broad range of skills and knowledge to North East Sports & Family Chiropractic. Mimi can help you with your health needs, with her strong focus on Evidenced Based therapies. Mimi utilises a number of specialised massage styles, and often combines these techniques to give you the most appropriate treatment. 

REMEDIAL MASSAGE: A specialised massage that utilises numerous techniques to remedy a problem.

TRIGGER- POINT THERAPY: Myofascial trigger points can severly disrupt the musculature to such an extent that the affected area/limb can be very contracted and painful. Trigger point therapy is a part of 'remedial massage'.

SKELETAL MOBILISATION: Helps to lengthen contracted ligaments, tendons and muscles. Gently stretches joints.

RELAXATION MASSAGE: Excellent for stressed individuals when a more gentle therapy is needed.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE: Gentle treatment that reduces excess fluid accumulation and stress. Very beneficial for the immune system, weight loss, and detoxification. Is also beneficial for extreme stress as it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: This is a very special time in a womans life, where it has been proven that massage benefits both mother and baby. Ligaments are more susceptible to tearing during this period, therefore a professional massage by an experienced practitoner is the only safe choice to make.

AROMATHERAPY: This treatment has been used for thousands of years and scientific evidence gives validation for its worth. Essential oils are very powerful pharmacological drugs and need to be used by properly trained and experienced practitioners. Aromatherapy extends the length of the massage treatment, and is also a stand-alone therapy.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: Reflex points on the feet correspond to different organs and systems. Feet are very often the most neglected part of our bodies. Experience the blissful experience of what is foot reflexology.

DRY NEEDLING AND CUPPING: This ancient treatment has a history of successfully reducing tightened and contracted muscles to offer relief.

The Cochrane collaboration (primary peer-reviewed journal) have released 'Prioritised reviews for consumers' providing high class evidence in massage with "a trend showing that the greatest benefit came with massage from trained massage therapists who had many years of experience or licensed massage therapists, for chronic pain”. 

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