back care is an important part of life, but it's often overlooked...

Teeth checks, eye checks, blood pressure checks, skin checks and yearly health checks. The list goes on. But when was the last time you had your Back Checked? Sounds reasonable considering we sit more than we ever have, we hunch over smartphones and tech devices for much of the day and we're often too busy to exercise and when we do our spine and joints may be ill-prepared. Chiropractors help get you 'Back on Track' with your spinal health. Consider getting your Back Checked? For more information give us a call on 8338 0844

Chiropractic may be your answer to a healthier spine, more movement, freedom from pain and increased vitality.

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A happier spine = a happier & healthier you!

We at Vitality & Wellbeing Chiropractic have been taking care of the Eastern and Northern Adelaide Communities since 2002. Whether it's getting out of pain, assisting in or preventing a sports injury, improving your overall mobility and flexibility or just wanting to feel and perform better. We are a dedicated team of spinal care experts, utilising gentle Chiropractic care to help you and your family achieve a happier and healthier life. 



Glenside Practice: 1A L'Estrange Street, GLENSIDE SA 5065 PH: 08 8338 0844

Para Vista Practice: Shop 3/400 Montague Rodad, PARA VISTA SA 5093 PH: 08 8263 0301

Are Headaches making your life hell? Chiropractic can be an effective answer.

Is staying active becoming a pain in the back? Chiropractic may be your answer.

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Glenside Practice:

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Para Vista Practice:

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